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Treat yourself to a healthy Christmas with £10 off!

Ahh… Christmas. The time of the year when we let our hair down, indulge in (too many) mince pies, cakes and alcohol, and sing those same-old crazy Christmas songs. If you know which foods trigger your symptoms, then you may just survive the Christmas period with your health intact. But what if you don’t know? 

What if eating the wrong foods could be leaving you feeling bloated, gassy, and fatigued? 

Anxiety is never fun, but even worse at this time of year when there are so many social events to attend. What if changing your diet could improve that anxiety?

What if those headaches and/or migraines are because you can’t break down alcohol or gluten? Would you rather take medication, or improve your diet to prevent the migraines?

Treat yourself to a healthy Christmas – a food intolerance test with one of our nutritionists could help you to uncover the answers. And for December only, we are offering £10 off appointments in our London clinic when you use the code XMAS10 when booking online.

What are you waiting for?

Kate x