Client testimonials

Ruby, London

“Since cutting out the wheat, oats and cows milk (plus a few other small things on my list) I have been a lot less bloated in my tummy and face, and have lost a few pounds. The constipation and upset stomach has subsided so much, I feel regular and emptying as I should be (sorry about this if it’s TMI) just wanted to thank you, as these subtle changes have improved my well being.”

Hope, London

“Hiya Kate I hope you’re well! I just thought I would update you on my skin and cutting out the dairy and tomatoes for 2 months! I am thrilled with the results of doing this as my skin has cleared up so much and I feel much more comfortable, can’t thank you enough for your advice, I think I will be giving up dairy for good because I notice the difference so much by not having it!”

Carolyn, London

“I basically made all the changes you suggested from the results of the intolerance tests. I’m now strictly gluten free and no longer have anything containing artificial sweeteners or pink/red colouring!   I honestly can’t believe how much better I feel.”

Elizabeth, London

“I came to see you in June, and I must say it’s been life changing since. I had a pretty comprehensive lists of intolerances and since cutting out the bad stuff I’ve felt 100 times better! So thank you so much!”

Jamie, London

“Hope all is well. We met in May and since then I have changed my diet (as per your findings) and it is amazing how my body has reacted! Mainly my bloating has gone down and I feel like I have much more energy – so thank you.”

Helen, London

“Dear Kate, Your ears should be burning! It’s been a long time since I had my allergy test, and initially I was half hearted about it but time has proved the accuracy of your findings.

Dairy is interesting – I still had cows milk in my daily coffee but at Christmas I had unpleasant joint pains and thought I’d give avoiding all dairy a shot. I spent the next five days feeling unwell with flu like symptoms and each afternoon a short-lived migraine followed by a nasty headache. I reckoned this was a Herxheimer reaction. And from day one of avoiding dairy, my shoulder/joint pains went away and I’ve had none to speak of since.

I now bring a flask of warm cashew milk when I go out for coffee and mix it with an espresso and I love it. Unwittingly I had a small amount of cows milk a couple of months ago. Didn’t think much more about it but within an hour I felt my vision going weird and then realised it was a migraine! So I made the connection reinforcing that dairy is not my friend!”

Lucy, London

“I started following Kate on Instagram as she posted about topics relevant to my autoimmune thyroid condition (Hashimoto’s thyroiditis). I found her to be very interactive, readily sharing information or offering advice either in answer to my own posts or in response to private messages. When I saw that Kate was hosting a talk on Hashimoto’s earlier in the year I jumped at the chance to attend and was not disappointed. Kate is extremely knowledgeable on matters relating to my condition and her passion for her field and helping others is evident when hearing her speak. I would highly recommend Kate to anyone looking for sound nutritional advice tailored to your own needs.”

Joanna, London

“I’m feeling much better, thank you! I’ve stopped drinking milk completely and I can see a huge difference. A few weeks ago I drank hot chocolate with normal milk as I had no alternative and I felt really ill afterwards. Now I can see what the cause of my belly issues was.”

Deborah, Berkshire

“Kathy tested me last year. I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and had aches and pains and tiredness, constantly. I also had a bloated stomach and acid reflux but I didn’t want to take tablets forever so I asked Kathy to test me. The test revealed that I was indeed intolerant to many foods that I currently had in my diet. I followed Kathy’s advice with diet, vitamins and supplements and within about 2 weeks I started to feel more energetic, less tired and my body was noticeably less painful. One year on I’ve never felt better, I’ve dropped 20lbs in weight and rarely feel in pain. I would like to lose a bit more weight and plan a re-test in the near future. My only ‘regret’ is that I didn’t get tested sooner. Thank You Kathy.”

Janine, Berkshire

“My mum made me an appointment to see Kathy because I kept having bladder infections. Kathy tested me and then gave me a diet sheet and told me to take vitamins and supplements. I have followed the plan and don’t eat things that I’m not supposed to. I was a size 18 clothes when I had the test. Now I am a size 12 and still dropping weight. I have more energy and ride my bike to lots of places. I don’t have as many infections now. I am fitter, look better and feel great. Thank you Kathy for helping me.”

Tina, London

“I have to say that since I have seen you and taken your advice, I have hardly had the heart burn I was suffering from and the tummy is a lot less bloated. I am so pleased and have recommended you to my colleagues, I do hope they take it further.”

Nathalie, London

“I have definitely seen a massive improvement in my energy levels since starting the diet, which is really nice! I also feel so much better and most of the symptoms have disappeared or significantly reduced.”

Lucy, London

“I’ve been doing the dairy-free and wheat, rye and barley-free plan as you suggested for about 3 weeks now and I have to say that my symptoms were instantly so much better. My whole digestive routine seems to have changed and I no longer have cramps or urgent bowel movements. The few times I haven’t been able to avoid these things (and some of the other things that came up like MSG in Chinese food and cucumber when I forgot about it), for example when out for group dinners with work, the symptoms have come back with cramps and rapid onset diarrhoea within about 4 hours of eating, so this seems pretty clear that there is definitely something to it! Despite missing cheese quite a lot (!) it’s already a huge relief that my stomach is just so much calmer so thank you so much! It was also just really nice to have someone listen to the whole picture so carefully and take it seriously as you did in my appointment so thank you for that as well, I really appreciated it.”

Annabel, London

“Thank you so much for the test and follow up email. I have cut out milk and already noticed a big improvement. I have had a little gluten and mature cheese but as long as I keep the quantities small it seems to be OK.”

Leanne, London

“I just wanted to let you know that after just 3 weeks following the program that you set for me my skin is SO much better already!”

Fran, London

“it’s all going really well – it feels natural and I feel healthy, sleeping well, skin feels good – all positive!”

Terry, London

“Thanks again for the consultation today. The results really confirmed my 20 years of self diagnosis. “

Monika, London

“Kate was very professional and helpful. In my case she definitely went the extra mile! Not only provided advice based on the allergy test results but also reviewed my blood test results and other documents and then directed me to the right specialist! Thank you ever so much!!!”

Emma, London

“My stomach is SO much better since taking acidophilus anddigestive enzymes with my meals, it’s changed my life!”

Bridget, Berkshire

“I had an appointment with you on Saturday the 4th of June. Although I have adhered to the advice given and stopped eating the things I am intolerant to I am still getting the rash. I must say though it has improved a lot! I also wanted to say I was very impressed by the service I received from your practitioner (Katherine Bradfield) who picked up a lot of issues I was not aware of, for which I am really grateful.”

Nadia, London

“I have definitely noticed a difference on the daily headaches though. Whereas before they were daily, I can now go 4 or 5 days completely headache free (a first for me), so thank you!”

Jutta, London

“My son’s first test not only helped identify food intolerances, but made my son, who was not particularly interested in eating healthy food, check the labels on food products and eat more veg and fruit because he could see the difference it made to his skin, after the test.”

Jennifer, London

“I just wanted to let you know how much better I have been feeling since my test! I have eliminated all dairy, including any butter etc, wheat, rye, eggs, red wine and beer and it is amazing what a difference it has made. I feel so energetic and cheerful and my boyfriend can’t stop telling me how healthy and vibrant I look. I’ve just returned from holiday in Sweden – everyone there also thought that I looked in much better health then the last time they had seen me.”

Emma, London

“My stomach is SO much better since taking acidophilus and digestive enzymes with my meals, it’s changed my life!”

Monika, London

“Kate was very professional and helpful. In my case she definitely went the extra mile! Not only provided advice based on the allergy test results but also reviewed my blood test results and other documents and then directed me to the right specialist! Thank you ever so much!!!”

Helen, Berkshire

“I can’t believe the difference that the allergy test has made to my life. I can now go out for a meal with friends and choose something from the menu that won’t make me feel bad. I have more energy and I look and feel so much healthier. The new diet plan was difficult for the first couple of weeks but once I got organised and got into a routine and started to see and feel the difference it did get easier to stick to. Even now that I can bring more variety into my diet I am sticking to the good habits as I don’t ever want to feel as bad as I felt before my allergy test. Now I know that chocolate is one of the culprits, I don’t even crave it anymore! I really would recommend this process to everyone, as for the sake of 3 months hard work it really has changed my life! Katherine – I can’t thank you enough.”

Melissa, London

“I recently had an allergy test with Allergy Test London, and within weeks of giving up the foods that my body was intolerant to, and taking the recommended supplements, my acne was starting to clear up and my IBS symptoms had eased significantly. Two months on and I have just had my first retest. My skin is clear and I no longer suffer with the debilitating stomach cramps, diarrohea, constipation etc that characterised my IBS. I am still mildly intolerant to some of the foods I had to give up, so will need to go for a second retest in another two months, but it’s more than worth it for the relief from my symptoms!! I am so pleased I booked that original appointment, and looking forward to my next retest, knowing that my body (and diet!) will soon be back to normal.”

Kate, London

“I had my allergy test done with Kate 2 weeks ago. I found out that I was intolerant/allergic to coffee, mussels and butter. All of these I didn’t enjoy anyway. My big food love was sugar (honey on toast for breakfast, ginger nuts and mini chocolate bars as daily treats). I needed sugar daily in fact after every meal and when I found out I was intolerant to sugar I was shocked. I was also found to be deficient in chromium (which explained why I needed to have my sugar fix constantly). As a very fit person I stay with ease in the healthy weight range for my height and have for ten years been the same weight. After the first week I lost 5 pounds and my sugar cravings had totally gone! The first 3 days were tough but now I feel great – lighter, healthier and full of energy.”

Sandra, London and Berkshire

“Both Katherine and Kate have been wonderful in replying to all my questions quickly and effectively and have been so supportive as well as encouraging on my progress. Examples of such is when Kate replied to me within days of giving birth to her first child and Katherine while on holiday, to which I have been truly grateful.

The benefits of my new diet were significant as I lost over a stone and a half in weight contributing to feeling lighter, happier and more energetic. Family and friends all commented on how healthy I was looking and that my skin was glowing.”