Our method

Todays modern diets and lifestyles mean that many of us are eating the wrong foods for our individual bodies leading to inflammation and/or digestive disorders, which in turn, can lead to more serious health problems. You may be experiencing allergies, food intolerances, nutritional insufficiencies, gut dysbiosis (bloating, bacterial imbalance, fungal overgrowths, candida, parasites etc), health issues (fertility, thyroid, autoimmune disease etc) and of course, these issues may well be adversely affecting your life.

During your first online appointment (45 minutes) we will take the time to listen to you and take note of your health concerns. We will discuss your lifestyle, work environment, diet, sleep patterns, family medical history, current medications and/or supplements, and also your desired outcome. Our aim at this point is to get a better understanding of what is underlying your health concerns, and start to form a plan to address certain things that may be mediating or triggering your symptoms.

Following your first appointment you will receive a fully personalised elimination plan detailing exactly what we would like you to do for the following 4-8 weeks with your diet, supplements and lifestyle in order to begin your journey towards optimum health. If any additional tests are required, we will recommend those accordingly.

After the initial elimination, we offer online follow-up appointments where we will adjust your elimination plan to a maintenance level, intended to be followed for up to 1 year.

Will I need any functional tests?

The answer to this question really depends on your current health issues. If you have digestive issues that are not responding to dietary changes, and you’ve already had extensive tests with your GP, then it’s possible that functional tests may help. Additional tests are not obligatory, and any recommendations would be fully explained by your therapist. Please note that we do not profit from the sale of functional tests to our clients, which means that we have no financial incentive when making any recommendations. 

Do I need an allergy test or a food intolerance test?

The answer to this question will depend on your symptoms. Some symptoms may be caused by food intolerance (e.g. bloating, reflux, headaches, fatigue, nausea) while others may be caused by an acute allergy (e.g. anaphylactic shock following consumption of peanuts). To further complicate matters, some symptoms (e.g. rashes, urticaria, eczema, asthma) could be caused by either allergies or intolerances, so you would need both an allergy test plus a food intolerance test (we can help you with this – book in a free 15 minute conversation, and let’s get started today).