I didn’t always love Mondays. 15 years ago the job I was doing was so stressful, and the hours so long Monday-Friday, that I would try to give myself food poisoning on Sundays in order to avoid going to work on Mondays – it never worked and my negativity was definitely affecting my health!

But I came to realise that if I couldn’t avoid Mondays, then I’d just have to learn to love them (and maybe change jobs – but that’s another story). And I did. I gave myself something to look forward to after a weekend of rest, and slowly but surely, Monday became one of my favourite days of the week.

Here’s how it could be yours too:

1. Monday is a day to make a new start. If your healthy eating went astray over the weekend, then consider Monday the day to wipe the slate clean and get it back on track. 

2. It is also a day of possibilities. With a new start to your week, anything could happen!

3. Monday is a time to return to your weekday routine, whether you work in an office, work from home, or don’t work at all, chances are your weekday routine is very different to your weekend routine. Embrace that difference.

4. If you commute to work, try a more mindful commute – take off your headphones and put down your newspaper. What sounds can you hear? What or who can you see? Are you hot or cold? What can you smell? I can almost guarantee that on a Monday morning it smells better on that bus/train than it will smell for the rest of the week!!

5. Catching up with friends who you haven’t seen over the weekend is a great reason to love Mondays – whether you are chatting with colleagues by the coffee machine or with the other mum’s in the school playground, talk about what you did at the weekend and why not make plans for something to look forward to with your friends this week.

And if nothing else, remember that after once Monday is over, you are one whole day closer to Friday!

Kate x

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